Gaurav Mathur

I am currently the CEO and Co-founder of Electric Sheep, which is using cutting edge AI, ML and other technologies to build something fun. Stay tuned.

I was then the CEO and Co-founder of defend7 which wanted to secure each enterprise application's perimeter individually within the data center/cloud by capturing and analyzing network data on each machine.

I was also the CTO and Co-founder of 3LM, who built the first enterprise platform for Android and focused on enterprise mobile device management protecting data both at rest and while in transit to the enterprise. It was acquired by Motorola Mobility/Google in 2011.

Before 3LM, I was a Partner Technology Manager on the Android team @ Google where I helped launch the Android compatibility program and CTS.

I also have the good fortune of being an angel investor and/or advisor to the following amazing companies: Robot Invader, Kamcord, Beep Devices, Atheer Labs, Apptimize and Estimote.

In my spare time, I like building fun things - my current hobby is to build a self-driving tank robot.